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Hemp eviction

For years, has been one of the leaders in the market for hemp / weed plantation clearances.

We are often hired by large parties such as housing associations, landlords and private individuals.

We are specialized in dismantling a hemp / weed loft. A hemp / weed plantation brings dangerous situations with it and there is usually also a fire hazard!

Cannabis plantation found your property?

The building often has to be evacuated quickly.
We do this quickly
and discreetly!
We always deliver with a delivery guarantee.

inpaktips van een verhuisbedrijf

Is the building in which a hemp/weed plantation was found heavily damaged? Then we can also carry out the repair work for you, our specialized contractor will then come by to make a quotation and will discuss the options with you.

For more information call: 070 4300 980 and choose choice 2.

• Anonymous
• No problems with power supplier
• Deliver broom clean
• Own locksmith shop
• 24 hour service

A weed / hemp evacuation involves more than you expect, often there is a lot of soil that needs to be removed, but also think of the cabling on which the plantation runs .

Thanks to the extensive experience in evacuations, large or small, you have come to the right place.

We discuss in advance what your wishes are whether it concerns the broom clean delivery of your building.

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