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House Clearance

House Clearance

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Cheap clearance

As an all-round moving / clearance company, we are specialized in the fast and professional cheap clearance of homes.

This may be necessary after your move, sale, emigration or death.

Usually the move / clearance is accompanied by a lot of stress and emotion, especially in the death of a loved one, then it is very pleasant to hand over the eviction with peace of mind.

The clearance is completely to your liking, so we offer the following options:

• Dispose of furniture or donate it to charity.
• Remove and dispose of lamps, slats and etc.
• Remove carpeting.
• Repair holes in walls.
• deliver house broom clean.

hulp bij verhuizing

And if there is another wish during the clearance, you can always make it known. We are happy to solve any problems for you. Our clearance service applies of course to all kinds of buildings.

For example, you can think of business premises, retirement flats, apartments, single-family homes, attics, barns, shops and storage boxes.

With our moving service / clearance service we work throughout the Netherlands.

We advise you not to rent a removal lift yourself from a rental company, it may be cheaper but without expert service it is not so easy to set up a moving lift firmly and take it safely into use.
Imagine what could happen if your 4-high washing machine falls down…

We also have our own locksmith, which can immediately open the door and replace the lock!

If you would like more information about our services and prices, you can always call us.

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