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Terms of condition

Terms of condition: specified HLS Group bv

We move you professionally and as efficiently as possible.
To make this possible, we have drawn up a number of general terms and conditions to ensure that your move runs successfully and as desired.

The customer’s household effects must be packed with dignity for transport (except for full service). The contents of, for example, a moving box must be packed in such a way that individual items cannot damage each other.
The customer ensures sufficient parking space for the moving vans and trailers.

All boxes must be tightly closed, doors of cabinets locked, sliders and loose shelves must be removed from the cabinets in order to limit damage during transport (except for full service).

All valuables such as jewelry and money must remain under the supervision of the customer.
Disassembly and assembly of furniture must be reported in advance.
(Please note that we only assemble what we disassemble, if we only have to assemble or disassemble then there are extra costs involved, these products are also excluded from insurance!)

The payment of your move must be made in cash after the move. If it concerns a large amount, a deposit is also possible. Please discuss this by telephone.
If you forget to bring cash into your home, it is also possible to pay by debit card. However, 2.75% transaction costs are added over the entire invoice amount.

For each (complete) move, at least 2 hours will be paid for the rental of the 20m3 truck. With the 35m3 and 50m3 combination, at least 4 hours will be paid.
The travel time starts at all times from our location in The Hague or Chaam counted.

Sufficient manpower must be present or ordered at a move, including at least 1 professional mover. Heavy objects such as washing machines must be moved professionally with enough manpower. We reserve the right to charge extra help if there is a shortage of manpower.

In the event of damage to an insured object, arising from a guaranteed risk, the compensation owed by the insurers will not exceed the repair or restoration costs of damaged objects, as provided for in the expert report. As a result, any depreciation that the goods would have after repair or restoration is excluded from the insurance.

In the event that the objects insured by this policy form a pair or a series insured for their total value, the value of each object will be calculated by dividing the total value by the number of objects that make up the pair or series.

In the event of damage, the customer must specify this damage in the presence of the movers and have this determined in writing. The liability lapses after the departure of the movers.
The contents that are placed in the truck by someone other than the moving staff is not insured.
Under no circumstances may the Customer make set-off. Invoice must be settled at all times regardless of whether damage has occurred. Damage must be arranged afterwards.

HLS Group b.v. reserves the right to terminate the agreement without any compensation being claimed, in the event of force majeure, strike, lock-out, fire, war, mobilization, flooding and other natural disasters, or any cause of delay independent of the will of the moving company.
Small items (chandeliers, stand lamps, pots, etc.) must be packed in closed boxes in advance (except for full service). If this is not the case, movers may refuse to move them or their transport is at their own risk.

Electronic devices must be packed in original boxes. If this is not the case, the movers may refuse to move them or the transport is at their own risk.
Mattresses must be packed in advance if they are not allowed to get dirty.
The customer is responsible for the planting that may cause obstruction of the move (high hedges, large trees, etc…) HLS Group b.v. does not prune trees or hedges.

We reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, to change our schedule in order to have a smooth running. HLS Group b.v. will inform you by telephone the day before if the change is made.
After 18:00, on Sundays and public holidays and /or after 8 working hours, we reserve the right to increase the price of the working hours by 50%. Any delay due to the delay of another move, traffic jams or bad weather conditions do not constitute grounds for complaint or compensation.
There is no moving via the stairs unless there is no other option. HLS Group b.v. is in all cases exempt from all liability in the event of damage to stairwells and household effects.
We reserve the right to charge 20% more of the total invoice amount if you do not pay in cash on the day of the move.

Default interest and court costs will be recovered from you in the event of refusal of payment.
Rust, oxidation and water damage due to other weather conditions and are not covered by liability.

We always work with 2 professional movers. If, at the express request of the customer, only 1 professional mover is present at a move, any damage suffered, caused by our husband or third parties present, does not fall under the liability of HLS Group b.v..
If the customer decides to cancel the move, this must be indicated at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise € 150 will be charged.

If this is less than 48 hours, HLS Group b.v. will charge the full amount with a minimum of € 250, -.

In case of problems or complaints, we ask you not to enter into a discussion with the movers, but to contact the agency immediately, after which someone from HLS Group b.v. will come by if possible.
HLS Group b.v. is not liable for waiting times caused by incorrectly parked vehicles, even if the road signs have been requested by the company. The costs for the waiting time are always borne by the customer.

Exemption in case of damage amounts to € 450, – and is always at the expense of the customer.
HLS Group b.v. can never be held liable for material or physical damage, to or by the customer or to or by his helpers to anyone, even if the claim occurs on the occasion of the cooperation between an appointee of HLS Group b.v. and the customer and/or his helper(s).
Damage to mirrors, glass products, plants, paintings, aquariums, waterbeds, walls, ceilings and stairwells is always excluded from the liability of HLS Group b.v.

No more than 20% fragile materials may be transported by car.
Ordinary mechanical, electrical and electronic disruptions without external cause are excluded from the liability of HLS Group b.v.

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