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Free moving

Free moving service

Moving for free? Yes it is possible. Verhuischeap moves regularly with a closed exchange!

Whether you are a vlogger or a well-known Dutch person, we are happy to move you!
Nowadays it is quite normal to carry out services with a closed exchange, moving company VerhuisGoedkoop does this regularly.

But we also do this for companies, do you have a media company such as a radio station or TV station (broadcast) we are happy to help make the move successful with our experienced movers, the job is done in no time.

Example: A web design company wanted to move their office, they offered us this new website for their move and we gave the complete move for free.

There are also various options for private individuals for a free relocation, such as an exchange deal. Exchange your car for a move, or maybe your laptop or your yacht?
We are open to any proposal.

Moving with closed stock exchange
What does moving with a closed exchange entail? You return a service or product(s) for services rendered to us, such as advertising or goods.

Free moving benefits
Why move for free? It is all expensive nowadays, so we would like to save some money with you.

Do you have a nice proposal?
We’d love to hear it!

Would you like to know more about our free moving service?

Call directly: 085 743 7776
And ask for Nico

Use our free moving service for:

  • Relocation small or big
  • Evictions (delivery in clean condition)
  • Transport (for loose furniture)
  • Packing/Unpacking service
  • (de) Assembly service
  • Moving elevator
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